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Rollei F:X Pro Starter Kit (Soft GND8 Graduated Neutral Density filter + polarising filter)

  • Soft graduated filter in the intensity GND8 (3 stops /
    0.9) made out of Gorilla?* glass – For balancing
    differences in brightness within one scene, such as sky
    and soil
  • Incl. CPL filter made out of Gorilla?* glass to
    intensify colours and reduce reflections. Aluminum
    filter holder for up to 3 square filters
  • Suitable for lenses with threads of 52, 55, 58, 62, 67,
    72, 77 and 82 mm
  • Ultra-fine coating ensures razor-sharp images – even
    with 150 MP high-end cameras
  • Exemplary colour fidelity – capturing nature as it is
    seen by the eye
  • Impressively clear images thanks to approx. 99.5
    percent absence of reflection
  • Diamond-like scratch resistance – extremely hard
    surface coating for optimum protection
  • Extremely temperature resistant – tested in scorching
    heat and freezing cold
  • Original Gorilla?* glass – legendary resistance and
    break resistance
  • Suitable for landscape and architecture photography
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Our new F:X Pro Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start your filter career. The set includes not only a filter holder for your SLR camera, but also our Soft GND 8 and a CPL filter including a base ring (82 millimeters) with which the filter holder can be attached.

Our Soft GND 8 (3 stops/0.9) is a graduated neutral density filter with a smooth transition from tint to transparency. GNDs are used (unlike normal ND filters) for motifs in which the brightness conditions have a gradient and therefore have to be adjusted differently.

The Soft GND 8 is used for these purposes:

  • Urban motives
  • Rugged mountain landscapes
  • Woodlands
  • Motives without clearly defined horizon

Thanks to our extremely fine luminance coating, the absence of reflection of the filters is about 99.5 percent and guarantees razor-sharp images - even with high-end cameras capable of 150 MP. Their color fidelity is also exemplary, which means you can capture the environment as the human eye sees it.

The set also includes a CPL filter. CPL stands for Circular Polarizer. This makes your colors richer (for example a blue sky). Non-metallic reflections can be filtered out of the environment. For example, in architectural shots where windows are visible – or in photos with unwanted water reflections.

The CPL filter is used for these purposes:

  • Minimization of reflections in architectural images
  • Minimization of water reflections
  • Intensification of colours

In this set you'll get everything you need for most areas of application of filter photography. It includes a filter holder, a polarizing filter and a soft gradient filter. With this set you are very well equipped for landscape photography. You can also add more filters to the set and gradually add to your personal equipment.

Our filters are made of Gorilla? glass in order to be able to offer you products that you will enjoy for a longer period of time. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, it is legendary in its resistance and at the same time guarantees extremely high light transmission and colour neutrality. Our anti-scratch coating gives the filter glass its final hardness against mechanical influences and ensures that even grease, water or mud can be quickly and easily removed.

But our filters are not only scratch-resistant - they are also temperature-resistant. We've tested this with the highest quality standards in scorching heat and freezing cold. In short: they are the best filters we've ever built.

*Note: Gorilla Glass? is a protected word mark of the Corning company and is used by us for our filters - all name rights are with the Corning company.

Technical data
Scope of delivery:
Filter holder for 100 mm filters, base ring (82 mm), CPL filter (86 mm), 7 adapter rings (52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 mm), filter holder pouch, article no. 26403 + Rollei F:X Pro Soft GND8 (3 stops, 0.9) 100x150 mm, article no. 26404
100 mm
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